How can you help improve the site?

There are several ways you can do it:

  1. Just use it!
    After every exercise, you have the option to rate your performance in the exercise on a scale from 1 to 5. You can use these ratings any way you want, the important thing is that you have a consistent rating system. This way you will be able to track your progress over time. Besides helping yourself get better, you also help us improve the site by using the rating buttons instead of the 'Skip' button, which takes you to the next sentence without rating your performance.

    By collecting enough user feedback, we will be able to categorize the sentences by difficulty level. This would make the user experience much better: beginner's won't have to face rambling sentences that are not very useful for them at their current level, and advanced users won't get any of the basic sentences that don't challenge them enough.

    Using the YES/NO buttons under the translations is not something you would do every time. These buttons are reserved for the outlier sentences: either sentences of very high educational value that you wouldn't mind seeing more often; or sentences that are for some reason do not hit the mark; they don't necessarily contain errors (which could be corrected on the source page on Tatoeba), but they sound weird or not very typical of the language, or maybe the audio is not the best. For example, 'Chinatown is in Yamashitacho of Naka-ku.' is not a very typical English sentence.☺ By rating the usefulness of the sentences using the YES/NO buttons, you can help increase the quality of the exercises.

  2. Make Tatoeba grow.
    Since our site uses the Tatoeba Corpus, the growth of Tatoeba is the prerequisite to the improvement of our service. Naturally, there are mistakes in the sentences. Every sentence belongs to a Tatoeba contributor, you can let him/her or an admin know about the error. Under the table of translations, you can see the link to the page of the sentence where you can help correct it.

    Audio recordings are the core of our database. There are several languages with tens of thousands of sentences, but with very few audio recordings; and we are talking about big ones like Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, etc. Chances are that you are native in at least one of the 178 languages featured on Tatoeba.☺ If so, you can contribute with your own recordings in your native language and help us add new languages as well.

  3. Contact me.
    Whenever you encounter a problem while using the site or have an idea that you think would improve it, feel free to write to I'm a novice programmer, new to several of the programming languages used while creating this project, so bugs are expected to come up. Programming tips are appreciated as well.

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